TheGentsMarket Reviews​

Below you can learn and read through real reviews from customers. You will also learn about how he generated fake reviews to pull in unsuspecting customers to steal their money. He constantly floods the he's account with fake reviews to drown out the real ones. Learn more below:

Fake Reviews?

How does he generate all these fake reviews. Easy, he makes an unlisted item on and sells to himself for pennies. With SMS verification services he generates as many fake emails and accounts he needs to generate all the reviews. Some of these transactions can be viewed on the blockchain for crypto currencies based on the wallets we can tie back to him. He basically floods with positive reviews whenever he gets negative reviews. Scroll down or click to see proof.

TheGentsMarket Reviews

Daily Screenshots of TheGentsMarket Reviews on

Contains Genuine Reviews of Angry Customers
Filled with fake reviews the following day.
Same fake reviews from the previous day. what happened? No flood of new customers like the previous day? Yup scammer.

Proof of fakes reviews

Real Reviews within the fakes (7.29.2021)

In this image you can clearly seee people who are angry about not recieving any help or support. 

Only Fake Reviews the following day (7.30.2021)

Here you can view all the fake reviews that were created to drown out the real reviews from the previous day.